Wii U 32GB Plus Wind Waker HD Bundle Incoming

It has been revealed today that Nintendo has plans to release a new Wii U bundle deal in the near future. This information was dropped by a source in Target, an American retail store. 

The deal will hold a 32GB Deluxe Edition of the console, and include The Legends of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for around $349.99.

It was also discovered that two new 3DS XL bundles will come with Pokemon X and Y in the colours red and blue. It is expected that these bundles will release in the US for $199.99.

No release date has been confirmed for any of the bundles but it is expected they will release in October following Pokemon X and Y’s release.

Nintendo have not commented further on this leak of information, but it is very likely that these deals, in some shape or form will also come across to the UK at a similar point in time. 

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