Ronimo Games Launch Kickstarter for Awesomenauts Expansion

Awesomenauts developers, Ronimo Games, have launched a new kickstarter to fund a new expansion to the game called Starstorm. The expansion is due to add multiple new features to the game originally launched for PC back in August 2012.

The list of updates for the game which will be developed include 3 new characters, a new spectator mode, more music and other improvements to the game as a whole including chatrooms. The characters which will be added are called Ted McPain, Sentry X-58 and Skree. Ted McPain is a hero from ancient times, Sentry X-58 is a robot as the name implies and Skree is a powerful ‘techno shaman’.

Stretch goals for the kickstarter should the game achieve it’s goal of $125,000 include modding tools and a custom game system. To top it all off, the expansion will also be made first available to users of the PS4 on the newly announced PS4 version of Awesomenauts.

So what do you think of Ronimo coming to Kickstarter to fund their new expansion? Hoping it gets funded so you can see more Awesomenauts content? Let us know what you think in the comments.