Phil Harrison: Plenty of Xbox One Exclusives, DLC and Reboots to Come

A post by Harrison on Xbox NewsWire discusses the latest plans and schemes for the Xbox One. 

Harrison says that it was, “absolutely extraordinary and it was a thrill to see so much buzz and excitement around our Xbox One launch line up and announcements we made,” following the presser in Gamescom, Cologne Germany today. “We got fantastic reactions across the board from Forza Motorsport 5 to Dead Rising 3 and killer instinct.” 

Major reveals already made today are that every Xbox One pre-order will ship with a copy of FIFA 14 and the appearance of Fable Legends, a co-op adventure where one player is the hero, and the other a villain will be making its way to the console. 

Yet Harrison claims this is only the beginning of the new info to come from Microsoft;

“I left our showcase event with the same thought I always have: what next?” he continues, “we haven’t even launched yet but rest assured we’re already planning more great stuff to ensure that Xbox continues to raise the bar.” 

“Expect more mega franchises like FIFA, with Xbox exclusive content. Expect more exclusives titles like Titanlfall. Expect more epics like Halo and Call of Duty. Expect more game re-imagined for Xbox One such as Fable Legends. And expect the most immersive, new generation gameplay with multiplayer and innovations like kinect and SmartGlass which make your experience way more fun and authentic than it could have been before.”

Whilst it leaves much to our imaginations it is clear that Harrison expects Microsoft to aim high with the Xbox One, and this probably an understatement. 

What do you think of Harrison’s words, exciting and interesting or no more than hype? Let us know what you think in the comments below.