Dragon Age Inquisition: ‘A Stunning Next-Generation RPG Experience’ (GamesCom 2013)

In a dev diary shown at EA’s press conference, Bioware have explained the vast, varying, expansive environment will have multiple types of terrain. This will be important as you will be exploring all of it as you try to save the land of Thetas from a devestating event which has unleashed demons over the world. It is your quest as the Inquisitor to save the world, with your moral decisions effecting the world around you. You’re character will be vastly customisable and you will be the lead to an organisation for the first time. This gives you abilities that civilians wouldn’t have as you seize the power of the organisation for yourself, even to the extent of leading an army. Bioware are aiming to achieve freedom for the player, so they can give players complete control of the game and complete control over the character they want to play as.

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