PS Vita ‘Summer Select’ Sale Offers Discounted Indie Games

To help celebrate the launches of 4 new indie titles to the PS Vita’s store, Sony have revealed plans to offer each game at a reduced price, to PS Plus subscribers in the US, during their launch week. Each game will be discounted by 20% for 6 days and will be Cross-Buy enabled, so buying the PS Vita version gets you the title on PS3 also.

The list of games included in the newly announced offer are:

  • August 20-26: Divekick (Regular Price $9.99, Sale Price $7.99)
  • August 27-September 2: Spelunky (Regular Price $14.99, Sale Price $11.99)
  • September 3-9: KickBeat (Regular Price $9.99, Sale Price $7.99)
  • September 10-16: Dragon Fantasy: Book II (Regular Price $14.99, Sale Price $11.99)

Unfortunately for European Vita owners, the deals have only been confirmed for US PlayStation Plus subscribers, but for those in the US remember you’ll only get 6 days to grab them at a discount so keep checking the PS Store.

How do you feel about the announced sale? Which games are you going to grab on the cheap or are you not eligible for the discount due to not being in the US? Let us know in the comments below.