Cliff Bleszinski Teasing his new Project via Twitter

 Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has teased the world today via twitter with an image of his new project, shown above. 

 Cliff now works independently since leaving Epic Games following the release of Gears of War : Judgement in March 2013. The back drop is clearly apocalyptic in feel with a modern distopia style to the city. 
The world does look futuristic and I believe it’s more than a fair guess to say that these lightning storms are artificial in construction and are probably being created by some unknown entity.

Cliffs style has always been dark and serious in tone so it is not surprising to see this new IP shares many features with Gears of War in terms of tone and design. 

More information will follow as time goes on!

Are you excited for Cliffs latest project?

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