‘Dead Island’ developer Techland opens new Canada based studio

Techland’s new branch has been named, ‘Digital Scapes Studios’ and shall be managed by the companies leading director Marcin Chady.

Details so far reveal that Digital Scapes Studios are to begin work on the company’s latest up-and-coming title Dying Light which is being created in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. 

Pawel Marchewka, CEO and founder of Techland commented today, “Starting a studio in Canada opens up a wide range of new opportunities in the realm of game development,” which Chady developed further by stating, “in operating our business in the Vancouver area, we have access to a deep talent pool and quality of educated employees.” 

Dying Light is to be released upon current and next-generation consoles at some time in 2014. With the somewhat stale reception towards Dead Island: Riptide, Digital Scapes Studios may be a breath of fresh air for Techland whilst equally being put under huge pressure to succeed in their forthcoming efforts. 

Do you believe that Digital Scapes Studios will be a turning point in Techland’s development of its games and future success? 

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