Kinect’s New Touchscreen Capabilities

Kinect has teamed up with Ubi Interactive to create technology that turns any surface into an interactive touchscreen. This software has been years in the making and is now available to anyone.

“We want human collaboration and information to be just one finger touch away, no matter where you are. By making it possible to turn any surface into a touch screen, we eliminate the need for screen hardware and thereby reduce the cost and extend the possibilities of enabling interactive displays in places where they were not previously feasible — such as on walls in public spaces.”  Ubi co-founder Anup Chathoth wrote in a blog post.

By using a projector teamed up with the Kinect, the space can be used in the same way you use a tablet or smartphone. It can track where you click and scroll, meaning it’s great for surfing the web or interacting with applications. This is made possible because of the Kinect’s 3D mapping capabilities which can tell if you have made a full click, rather than your hand just hovering over the screen.

When it comes to gaming the software has so far been used to play a massive game of Angry Birds, but the companies are focusing on interactive games for the classroom. However, there is the potential for some very exciting games to be developed specifically for the platform; but with the software costing $149 for the Basic and up to $1499 for the Enterprise (plus the expense of a projector plus a Kinect and no certainty of games being developed) you may not want to invest into it just yet. 

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