Arkane Studios working on Prey 2 reboot?

Arkane Studios’ Austin studio has apparently began work on a reconstructed edition of Human Head’s Prey 2 which was last heard of in 2012 where the game was delayed due to not meeting Bethesda’s quality standards.

Rumours first circulated in a Kotaku Report back in May but Bethesda and Arkane did not comment any further upon this reveal. Yet since then sourced internal e-mails have appeared from Arkane’s co-creative director Raphael Colantonio suggesting that Prey 2 is to now be built from the ground up once more.

Arkane seems to want to make what has been coined as, “the spiritual successor to System Shock 2” and would also share many ties with games such as Dishonored in play style.

Again, since these leaks there are still no open comments from Bethesda or Arkane, but it seems to make sense that these companies may wish to resurrect this interesting franchise. A very unique world with a secure and well known IP whilst also drawing inspiration from old titles such as System Shock give Prey 2 a viable chance for success if Arkane can invest their time within this franchise.

Do you think that Prey 2 may now see the light of day, and will it be an interesting title?

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