Sony’s Internet TV Series Up Against Microsoft Xbox One

Sony’s internet TV service is set to compete with Xbox One’s TV media, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Sony has been allegedly finalizing preliminary deals with Viacom. 

Microsoft will be offering it’s cable/satellite with subscriptions, but it seems they are not alone as Sony are also making deals, including a preliminary deal with Viacom, who own the rights to TV channels such as MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Of course, this will all depend on if the media outlets that Sony pairs with can compete with those that Microsoft has on-board. If they aren’t good enough customers won’t be using it as an alternative to mainstream cable/satellite providers, but it could still push beyond what Microsoft will be offering. As this is a large part of Microsoft’s campaign with the Xbox One this could be very detrimental news.

Could this be a game changer? Would this push you toward the PlayStation 4? Tell us in the comments.