Microsoft to Close Games for Windows Live Marketplace

Microsoft have announced their intentions to shut down Games for Windows Live and to cease selling games through the PC Games Marketplace. This change is happening alongside the new Xbox 360 system update which sees Microsoft Points being faded out of the system.

The official statement reads as follows:

“As part of the recent Xbox 360 system update, Microsoft Points will be retired and the PC Marketplace will be closed as of August 22, 2013. We encourage you to spend your Microsoft Points balance prior to this change. Although you will not be able to purchase new games, you can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading it through the Games for Windows Live client software as usual.”

This new change means that any game currently only available through Games for Windows Live will no longer be available to anyone who hasn’t already purchased the game, but if you already own the game you can still play and re-download it. As for in-game purchases, this is only available on a game-by-game basis.

Any remaining Microsoft Points on your Games for Windows Live account can be used on your Xbox 360 and if you do not own one, Microsoft have urged you to contact customer support.

So how do you feel about the closing of the Games for Windows Live Marketplace? Let us know in the comments.