Resident Evil 7 Return To Survival Horror Roots

Resident Evil 7 is going to return to its survival horror roots after Resident Evil 6 was described as “bloated.”

Capcom has stated that it has listened its fans and critics after last October’s game. Resident Evil 6 was meant to open the series up to a wider gaming audience, instead it missed its sales target by 2 million copies.

“We have obviously seen the consumer response and the PR response,” former Capcom marketing boss Michael Pattison stated.

“There was some great positives out of that, but it was a mixed bag, as we saw from the review scores. We have got to take that on-board, we can’t ignore that, and we have to take that onto the next game when we make the next Resident Evil.”

He added that “…there was a cry out for us to focus our attention on survival horror, rather than be too many things to all people. You’ll find where we go next will likely be more targeted at our core fanbase.”

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