GTA Online: Content Creator, Character Customisation and More

The new trailer from Rockstar regarding Grand Theft Auto V’s online multiplayer reveals a lot about the upcoming game. An exciting new feature shown in the video is the content creator. This system allows players to create and share multiplayer deathmatch arenas, races and a lot more different game types for you to have fun with.

With the vast landscape of Los Santos to play with, there are many opportunities to have fun with friends. Whether this is through structured activities such as Arm Wrestling and Golf or unstructured such as driving off of cliffs on a Quad Bike and hang gliding to freedom. Also included are various heists and missions to complete as well as opportunities to rob stores.

With a completely customisable experience, you can customise your characters and vehicles to show off and have fun with your friends in races and deathmatches. The multiplayer truly is as free as the single player to play and it looks like a lot of fun will be had, especially seeing as Rockstar promise to continuously update it with more content.

Excited for the new GTA multiplayer experience? Ready to go robs some banks and race around the streets of Los Santos? Let us know what you think of the updated multiplayer for GTA V down in the comments below.