Anno Celebrates its 15th Anniversary With In-Game Events

The Anno series, famed for its city-building and RTS elements, began in 1998. Since then the series has amassed over 5 million sales worldwide, 1 million of which comes from the most recent installment – the future-set ANNO 2070.

The long-running economic real-time strategy series is introducing some new events to its beta browser game ANNO Online. The celebrations, which Ubisoft has dubbed an ANNOversary, include two new currencies called Planks and Doubloons.  These currencies are obtained by completing some new quests introduced in the game’s new scenario, set on a new island.

Series veterans will also be pleased to see some old objects return. The official breakdown for what the doubloons can be spent on is as follows:

  • Enhanced marketplace (max 2 per player): offering a larger influence area than the media marketplace
  • Old Tree (max 1 per player): this building is an artefact from the Original Anno 1404. In it, players can create and collect various items every day.
  • Scout’s hideout (max 1 per player): this building will reduce the time needed to explore new sectors.
  • Oriental Ship (max 2 per player): capable to carry only oriental goods but in enormous amounts per trip.

All players who have participated/logged in during the event will automatically be rewarded at the end of the event, and will receive an exclusive 15th anniversary statue. Let us know what you think in the comments below.