Stealth Adventure ‘Tangiers’ Triumphs on Kickstarter

The dark game has been described by it’s Bristol based creator, Alex Harvey, as “a blend of stealth and exploration” and is based around “Looking Glass Studio’s Thief series.” You play as an outsider of the world, who’s goal is to dispose of five other beings. As the player you explore a broken worlds across bleak landscapes. The game takes a surreal edge by ignoring many rules, buildings float defying gravity and imitate the feelings of the worlds inhabitants.

“You stalk through the shadowy fragments of an oppressive city, scattered across a dying, emotionally burnt landscape, avoiding the light and planning your infiltrations and assassinations.”

Originally Harvey asked only for £35,000 but discovered on August 7th that they had raised an additional £7,000 and finally reached £42,000 on their closing date, August 13th. On their Kickstarter page Harvey states how grateful he is:

“I cannot overstate how thankful we are to everyone that has helped support the campaign so far – from the lowest tiers to the highest, you’ve all played a very big role in making this happen. It can be intimidating to look at the number of people watching us, but that is absolutely a good thing – it really ingrains the sense of discipline and responsibility we need to see this through to release.”

The company is now looking to move into a proper space to continue the development of the game, and have stated a mid-2014 release date.

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