Rockstar Launches Interactive Travelogue for Grand Theft Auto V

Gearing up towards the launch of Grand Theft Auto V in just over a month, Rockstar have released an interactive Travelogue to help you get better aquianted with the area of Los Santos. Featuring details on cars, economy, shopping and more, this is certainly something you’ll want to check out if your excited for Grand Theft Auto V.

Click here to gain access to the site and take a look at the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar have also issued the promise that they will be updating it before the worldwide launch of GTA V on September 17th.

With the recent announcement that online details for GTA V will be released tomorrow and the rumour that GTA V may be coming to PC after all, you’ll certainly want to keep an eye on VGU for all the latest information on Grand Theft Auto V.

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