Call of Duty Ghosts Reveal : Map Evolution

In today’s Call of Duty Ghosts reveal, we learned that the maps in CoD Ghosts will be something completely different for a CoD game.

The maps will change as you play, buildings can blow up and fall down, the map will literally change around you as you play. The game is said to change the meaning of the saying “I’ve gotta learn the maps”. Learning the maps is no longer just learning the lay out, it’s also learning what the maps can do.

The maps will have certain spots that are destructible, and that spot may set off a chain reaction to make the map change is other ways. For example in the trailer you see someone shoot a gas station, as it explodes things around it fall down killing a bunch of enemies all at once. The new maps are on par with Battlefield 3’s destructible environments which EA were proud to boast about upon it’s release. Now it’s time to see if CoD can do it better.

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