Krautmann Wins Grand Prix Warsaw

Grand Prix Warsaw came to a close as the winner of the Standard Format finals was confirmed. The winner of the tournament was Wenzel Krautmann running his Red/Green Aggro deck as he defeated Felipe Tapia Becerra running his Zombie deck.

You can check out the full final match right here:

The match was very in Krautmann’s favour as he seemed to have the combination of Arbor elf, Domri Rade and Thundermaw Hellkite that no one seemed to have an answer for. These haste creatures were just too much for the Rookie of the Year as his zombies were wiped out in what seemed to be a flash.

So what were your thoughts on Grand Prix Warsaw? Do you think the Red/Green Aggro deck will be seeing more Pro play in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.