[UPDATE] Blizzard has Trademarked “The Dark Below”

Thanks to the eagle eyed fans over at MMO Champion, we now know that Blizzard have trademarked “The Dark Below” under “Computer game software; Computer game software downloadable from a global computer network; Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices; Downloadable electronic games via the internet and wireless devices“.

Could this be the name of a new game? Or more likely, with big events like GamesCom coming up soon, could this be a new expansion for the World of Warcraft? Or perhaps Diablo 3?


This trademark, more likely than not, will have something to do with the World of Warcraft as “The Dark Below” is a place in WoW’s lore. According to the WoW Wiki; “The Dark Below is a place inhabited by demons, devils and infernal creatures, from where some sorcerers take their power directly and sometimes have a patron beast to foster their magic.” This is getting very interesting…

What do you think “The Dark Below” could be? Something interesting? Or are we barking up the wrong tree?