Inside Look at the Xbox One Controller

Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb has continued his video uploading this week, following from his Xbox One Console unboxing, with an up close look at the Xbox One controller via interview with Zulfi Alam, General Manager at Microsoft. 

The video showcases the controller’s new features including the changes to the face buttons and improved rumble features. Also detailed is the new knowledge that the wireless controller can also be plugged into the console via Micro USB and when it does this the controller will become a wired control with the wireless features shut off.

There are also new Infra-Red LEDs so the controller can communicate with the new Kinect to allow the instant profile switching features enabled with the new Kinect’s capabilities. For the full list of improvements and to see the interview yourself click below.

Keep an eye out here at VGU for more info on the Xbox One as it’s revealed, but until then let us know in the comments what you think of the new controller? Any new features you think are going to be particularly beneficial to the Xbox One experience?