Microsoft Details New Home Gold System for Xbox One

Microsoft have announced the new Home Gold system for Xbox One. The system allowing you to share a users Xbox Live Gold status with other users on your Xbox One.

This means your family members can still use features like online multiplayer, the new DVR, and apps like Skype and Netflix without needing their own Xbox Live Gold account. The system will work by making you designate your ‘Home’ Xbox One and then allowing anyone who logs on with that console to use your Gold status without you logging in.

This Gold sharing also will apply to your digital purchases, any games purchased digitally such as XBLA titles will be accessible to all users on your console. This is akin to how the ‘Family Sharing’ system was originally designed to work before that feature was lost with the DRM measures.

What are your opinions on the Home Gold system? Is it a system you wish would have been implemented with Xbox 360? Let us know what you think in the comments.