Remember Me – Music Remix Contest Winners Announced

In June, Capcom began a competition asking for fans’ best remixes of “Fragments,” a track from Dontnod Entertainment’s Remember Me, a 3rd person action game set in Neo-Paris. The game’s community then took to their instruments, decks, and whatever else they could make music with and got to work.

Today, two winners – out of over 100 entrants – were chosen, one by the community  and one by Capcom : the relaxing electro remix by Connor Mills from Ireland (going by the pseudonym “Alaskan”), and the awesome rock mix by Nick “Atpunk” Gonzalez from the USA.

Congratulations to both winners who will receive a gaming console of their choice together with a copy of the Remember Me video game, assorted merchandise and a unique vinyl LP with their winning remix in a custom made sleeve by Remember Me’s Art Director, Aleksi Briclot.

Capcom have also created a free remix album, as well as a new webpage where you can listen to all of the entries. Let us know what you think in the comments below