Creative Assembly Show Total War: Rome 2’s Very Hard Mode In New Gameplay Video

Let’s Plays are in vogue right now, so much so that developers are using them as a chance to show off their games in a space of time usually too long for a trailer. Creative Assembly is employing this tactic with their latest video, a let’s play of Macedon vs Rome on Very Hard mode.

With the aim of advertising the improved AI, very hard is for those who want the ultimate challenge as the computer attempts to shut down any attempts to out-maneuver them. Winning through tactics and guile, rather than brute force and numbers will be an essential part for any wannabe-general. Take a look for yourself.

Total War: Rome 2 is out on PC September 3.

What do you think? Want to take the challenge, or will you be sticking to normal? Let us know in the comments.