John Carmack Joins Oculus as CTO

Industry legend and 3D graphics pioneer John Carmack has joined Oculus as its Chief Technology Officer. The veteran programmer, who created the Quake and Rage engines, tweeted that his time is now divided between three companies: Oculus, Id, and Armadillo Aerospace, which Carmack founded in 2000.


My time division is now Oculus over Id over Armadillo. Busy busy busy!

— John Carmack (@ID_AA_Carmack) August 7, 2013


On the official Oculus Blog, John said:

Now is a special time. I believe that VR will have a huge impact in the coming years, but everyone working today is a pioneer. The paradigms that everyone will take for granted in the future are being figured out today; probably by people reading this message. It’s certainly not there yet.

It seems as though VR is steadily becoming a reality and with such a prominent figure on the cutting edge of the technology, one can only imagine the possibilities. Could VR be the future? Or is it simply a gimmick that will never truly take off? Let us know what you think in the comments below.