The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 07/08

resident evil rev

It’s been a while since the last Steam spotlight but the sales are still rolling in strong. Check out what’s on offer this week from everyone’s favourite online retailer. 

Resident Evil Revelations returns polished and better than ever for PC. HD visuals, advanced lighting effects and a better sound experience the game not only performs better, but offers more to the player. Right now the game is down 50% to just £14.99 so pick it up while you can.


Krater is a fun little squad-based dungeon crawler. Playing from an RTS perspective, the game uses fast paced action, squad management, craft and questing to make one epic little game. Right now it only costs £2.39 so you may as well give it a try.


Ever wanted to make your own RPG? Well now you can with RPG Maker VX Ace. Create your own world and story with this incredible piece of software. Easy enough for a child and powerful enough for a developer and now cheap enough for anyone at only £16.99.