ARMA 3 Campaign to be Released as Free Episodic DLC

ARMA 3’s campaign shall be released by Bohemia Interactive as 3 episodic DLC packages available for free. The first DLC, Survive, will be available within a month of the games initial launch, with the other 2 episodes, Adapt and Win, being released in the following months.

Since the Campaign is coming afterwards, the initial game shall be premiering with the large terrain of Altis and Stratics, 270 km² and 20 km² respectively, 12 single player missions, 9 multiplayer scenarios and an array of vehicles, weapons and factions. The game shall also come with modding support and a scenario editor.

Bohemia Interactive admits to having experienced difficulties with it’s parallel development of having the team split between game development and Alpha/Beta support. The studio does however feel that it was worth it as the game made a tremendous amount of progress and remained confident on its quality-over-quantity mind set. This being the reason they are taking a bit longer to develop the campaign which will be released later.

Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, the Project Lead for ARMA 3 explains, “This was not a decision we made lightly. As game creators, we love developing and playing through campaigns so, to those awaiting ours, we say: sorry for the delay. After talking a lot about a focus on quality over the last year, it simply did not feel right to compromise now. Rather than pushing back the entire game, we launch this year with an awesome package – a splendid kick off for the ARMA 3 experience.”

With the team taking their time to deliver the best campaign they can, do you believe Bohemia have made the right decision to release it later? Let us know what you think about the development decision in the comments.