Giant Spacekat’s Revolution 60 Kickstarter Is Looking For Backers

The independent studio Giant Spacekat launched its Kickstarter recently, initially asking for $5000 to help add a touch of production value to the game.  The game is powered by Unreal Engine 3, which Epic has had running on iOS devices since 2010.

Revolution 60 is inspired by Heavy Rain and Mass Effect, featuring a wide-arching story based on the player’s choices. Just like Mass Effect 2 the endings can vary wildly, and to bring this to life the studio have started a kickstarter campaign, which currently stands at $6,285 (meeting a PC version stretch goal). It’s looking good for the studio as they still have 24 days left to go as of writing.

The game received recognition for its showing at PAX East, and looks like it will be something to keep on your radar. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

UPDATE: The first 15 minutes of the game can be seen in this video straight from the developers :

First 15 Minutes of Revolution 60 from Brianna Wu on Vimeo.

Giant Spacekat also plan to release a Mac version of the game should they hit $10,000.