Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Adaptor for Xbox 360 Headsets

According to Albert Penello, a lead planner for the Xbox One, Microsoft are currently working on an adaptor that will allow current generation wired headsets to work with the Xbox One. This information was revealed by Penello via Tiwtter in response to a question from a fan:


It’s good to see Microsoft doing something about this problem, though we should wait until we find out how much this adapter is going to cost before celebrating the continued use of our current gen headsets. It’ll have to be a lot cheaper than the price of a new headset or it’ll be fairly redundant. Stick it at £10 and I’ll be a happy bunny, that way I get to keep using my Tritton Halo 4 Headset.

What do you think about this news? Should this ‘adapter’ just have been built into the console? Or are Microsoft doing us a favour by allowing us the option of reusing our current generation headsets? Let us know in the comments below.