Ghostlight Requests Help So They Can Release Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

A lack of interest from retailers is affecting Devil Survivor 2’s sales forecast. This has caused the developers to place the game up for pre-order on the Ghostlight store.

There is however a problem with this. Ghostlight will need to reach a the level of 1,800 pre-orders before they will be able to cover the manufacturing costs for the game. This means even if you pre-order the game you may still not receive a copy as they won’t manufacture any copies if they can’t cover costs. If this should unfortunately happen, refunds will be release to those who pre-ordered.

For those who do decide to pre-order the game you’ll gain an exclusive A4 poster and the option to have your name in the games manual. There is also a Devil Survivor bundle available which will also include the Devil Survivor Overclocked game for 3DS at a £10 discount on top of the aforementioned extras.

Check out the trailer below if you wish to see more of the game before deciding and head to the ghostlight store to pre-order the standalone and devil survivor bundles.

It’ll be unfortunate if Devil Survivor 2 doesn’t get manufactured after the amount of time spent developing the game. Are you going to pre-order it? Let us know in the comments.