Deep Down Revealed To Be An Online Game In New Trailer


After the dramatic PS4 reveal trailer, Deep Down has been on the down-low, skipping E3 with Capcom staying quiet. The silence is now broken with this short little teaser for the PS4 exclusive.

You may notice something if you care to look at logos and other official emblems, it is being released under the Capcom Online Games umbrella. It is unknown in what capacity yet however, with more info to be released at TGS next week.

It seems the comparisons to Dark Souls weren’t so premature after all. Although right now no one knows just how much inspiration it will draw from 2011’s surprise hit, it seems Capcom may be making more than a passing reference to From Software’s death simulator. It may be more like Capcom’s previous fantasy venture Dragon’s Dogma, but only time will tell.

Deep Down is expected for a 2014 release on PS4 and perhaps PC.

What do you think? Are more games like Dark Souls a good thing to you, or would you rather it be it’s own thing? Let us know in the comments.