Cliffy B May Be Teasing His Next Game On Twitter

Even though he has no announced projects right now, Cliff Bleszinski is still a name spoken often by gamers. While this may be because of his often controversial views, it may have something to do with his long successful history making games.

Today Cliffy B has released this on Twitter:


Could this be his next foray into the virtual world? Well one can certainly hope, but until the man speaks more we are left hanging. Perhaps it isn’t even a game, maybe he is just taunting us with his mad drawing skills and likes to show-off. Yeah, probably not that last bit.

Cliffy B stepped away from working in the industry  earlier this year after the release of Gears of War: Judgement. He has also recently made news sharing his views on the Marcus Beer/Phil Fish controversy, hoping Phil Fish will return to the industry eventually.

What do you think? Looking forward to Cliffy B’s next project? Wish he would shut up? Let us know in the comments.