Sonic Lost World is Classified E10+

Recently, the ERSB site has updated with the official rating for Sonic Lost World. It wasn’t what fans were expecting:

“In this action platformer, players control Sonic the Hedgehog as he attempts to stop an evil villain’s plans. As players zoom through fantastical landscapes, they collect items (e.g., gold rings and power-ups), avoid hazards, and use spin attacks to defeat robotic enemies; enemies break apart amid colorful explosions. During gameplay, characters sometimes use aggressive language (e.g., “You’re going home in a box,” ‘I’m going to skin you alive,’ and ‘I long for death’s cold embrace.’). Cutscenes also depict laser fire and explosions, as well as dialogue that references violence (e.g., “I’ll get fat from eating your black hearts,” “One second you’re contemplating genocide,” and “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.”).”

Wow… A lot of death is mentioned here which is odd considering the child-like nature of the game. Are we in for a slightly more mature Sonic title? What do you think?