Microsoft Releases Details on the Xbox One’s Smart Match System

Microsoft have released new information regarding their Smart Match system which they are adding to the Xbox One.

“Smart Match on Xbox One is completely re-engineered for a new generation of gaming – using advanced algorithms to pair players based on skill, language, and now reputation,” 

“The advanced party system goes far beyond the beacons of Xbox 360, which was limited to people you already knew. Helping you discover and connect easily with players is now central to the experience. In addition, for the first time, games will be able to share player stats with Xbox Live and each other; to learn, evolve, and provide you with the best possible matchmaking available,”

Coupled with the new multitasking capabilities of the Xbox One, allowing to more easily pass time while waiting for matchmaking, the online gameplay experience could easily become a much more streamlined experience.

Microsoft says that for “digital games”, this most likely means XBLA titles, you will be able to play one game while matchmaking in another, receiving a on-screen prompt when the matchmaking process is complete and allowing you to quickly jump back into the game.

Has this new information helped convince you that the Xbox One may be a better experience for online play? Let us know what you think.