A Young Boy Has Saved Lives By Playing Mario Kart

Games can get a lot of abuse in this world so once in a while, it is nice to see some positive news about them. Gryffin (10) and his younger brother (4) were in a car with their 74 year old grandmother when she suddenly passed out. Gryffin jumped out of his seat, grabbed the wheel, and made the car slow to a halt, from travelling over 60 MPH, by turning it into a ditch on the side of the road, all while dodging the traffic. But how did Gryffin think to do this? He learnt it by playing Mario Kart! 

Well done to Gryffin, who now rightly deserves to be called a hero, for his quick thinking and for showing the world that games are actually not as bad in children’s lives as people seem to think they are.

What do you think though? Did Mario Kart actually have any influence? Or was it something else?