Payday 2 Skills Trailer Gives The Low-Down On Ability Progression

With the step up from being a downloadable game to a full retail release, so must your levelling system progress. Kicking it up a notch from Payday: The Heist’s simplistic ability structure, Overkill Software is adding a new layer with ability tiers and skill points to invest. Now the ill-gotten gains of your robberies will actually go towards something instead of just being experience.

Payday 2 is in beta right now, so those who bought their way in with a pre-order will already know the jist. Let’s hope they don’t get too attached though, once the game hits release day that progress is gone.

Coming out August 13 on PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows, Payday 2 will hopefully scratch that 4 player co-op itch you need scratching.

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