Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Spies vs Mercs Blacklist Walkthrough Video

Community Developer Zack Cooper and Level Design Director Geoff Eleanor go over the new 4-vs-4 version of the classic multiplayer mode. The video is shown from the point of view of the Spy and includes hacking, EMP’s and stealth kills, such as the always-a-favourite Death From Above. Spies will play in third-person and will have the ability to use a host of crazy gadgets, including the ability to cloak themselves temporarily, while Mercs will play in first-person. 

We expect to see a second video covering the Mercs’ side of things at a later date. Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be released on August 23rd for Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3. Let us know what you think of the game and the video in the comments below.