The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Preview


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a recent online dungeon crawler shown at E3 this year. The first thing that got people’s attention was the announcement trailer; it was full of funny antics and crazy characters and really explained the theme of the game.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a dungeon crawler but it is one with a twist; in this crawler there are no dungeons but instead castles. Each castle is owned by another player and your objective is to raid the castle for all their gold and shiny objects. Beware however, defending players have ways of making your visit very unpleasant.


Players are able to change the layout of their castles so it’s not just as simple as a straight line to victory, they do this by adding different rooms featuring different layouts. In each room players are able to add a variety of traps to do you damage, slow you down, burn you to a crisp etc. On top of that they are also able to place a range of wacky monsters within their castle, ranging from the small to the downright humongous. These creatures are there to stop your advances closer to the heart of the castle, which hides all the goodies

To make your way through the castle you are equipped with the usual tools. You get a weapon for standard attacks and skills for added strategy and damage. As you kill monsters you have a chance to pick up different items like armour and gold and can also collect a unique currency called souls. The fun bit about raiding the castles is you will never face the same castle twice, as each player will choose their own layouts and place down different traps and monsters. This keeps the game interesting as one of the problems with other dungeon crawlers is repetition. In The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot you may be doing the same thing i.e. raiding castles but everything is different and each castle might require a different tactic with a different set of skills.


Beating the castle means you must kill all the monsters and make it to the heart of the castle, once completed you will get a score out of three stars. Each castle has its own requirements to get all three stars but normally it along the lines of; don’t die, finish the castle in under a certain amount of time and use less than a certain number of potions. Star systems are always a little hit and miss with gamers but it will make the OCD gamer want to go back and get all three stars.

Another interesting feature is your own castle, which you must make impenetrable to other players otherwise they will take some of your loot and this is not what you want (believe me). Being able to move around the rooms of your castle to add different traps and monsters digs deep to your creativity and strategic thinking. If you think you can just spam the big bosses you’re mistaken, you can only have one “boss area” and your castle can only have a certain amount of monsters and traps. This means you have to think carefully and use your resources wisely. Don’t worry though, as you level up and get more money you are able to increase these limits by levelling up corresponding areas in your castle such as the monster summoner.


Everything in the game either uses gold, souls or gems. Gold is used mainly to build buildings like the monster summoner and blacksmith. Souls are used to spawn monsters and traps to defend your castle and gems are a premium currency used for a number of different things. It may sound like the game is pay to win it’s not as bad as you think.

The premium currency, like most online games can be used as pay for convenience. What this means is even though everything in the game can be bought with normal currency, it has the problem of making you wait certain times for that action to be completed. The premium currency allows you to speed up those actions so no more waiting, it does make it feel too much like a Facebook game in that respect.

In the end The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Closed Beta is a great spin on the classic dungeon crawler, mixing in elements of Sim’s style gameplay with the castle building and a dash of strategy you sometimes see in RTS games.The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is in no way a hardcore title but for a casual online game you will find yourself losing hours building your perfect castle and raiding everyone else’s feeling like a King. The way the game is built you may be tempted to buy the premium currency and hurry along a few things but if you have the patience and willpower you can play the game without spending a penny (it will just take longer, but hey who doesn’t love a grind).

Become a King today and the mightiest of epic looters out there on the internet in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

Snatch and running from other castles? Built the castle of your dreams? Let us know what you think if you have played the game in the comments below!