Real Soccer Officially Launches – Including Online Store

After a successful beta period, Real Soccer has officially been launched, a new football manager sim with an extended online element. The game allows players to build their own teams and individual players and then compete against other Real Soccer players in online tournaments and club matches.

The Online Store is launched as well, allowing users to purchase new threads for their players, as well as enabling buyers to purchase Trainers and Coaches, which can increase the amount of experience points that a player gains. Interestingly, your player can participate in any chosen position (goalkeeper,etc) and become an expert player in that position.

Trainers increase the amount of experience points that players get for specific player stats, including Header, Ball Touch, Endurance, etc., by 25-50%. Coaches provide a heftier boost for all character statistics, helping players to level up even faster. Real Soccer players can also purchase aesthetic items to change their character’s hair, face, body shape, etc., as well as special items to increase the amount of in-game currency they can win for single games to help speed up character development.

Will you be downloading the game? Will you be training a striker or a midfielder? Let us know in the comments below.