Worms: Clan Wars Now Available for Pre-Order

Team17 have announced that players who pre-purchase their upcoming game Worms: Clan Wars will receive Worms Revolution for free. Other pre-order bonuses include 8 customization items, 2 speech-banks and 2 player titles.

Worms: Clan wars is a new entry in the Worms series, which will let players form clans and compete online against others in an online league. As well as the multiplayer features the game boasts new traps and devious contraptions (one can only imagine what Bovine Blitz is) that are physics-based for the first time in the series (taking the potential craziness factor up to 11). The game also includes full Steam workshop support and a 3d model and 2d texture importer, so you can get your Worms character’s outfits on the store.

For players that are buying the game who already own Worms: Revolution, fret not as Team17 have a nice deal for you. Pre-purchasing Worms: Clan Wars as an owner of Worms: Revolution will net you a 25% discount on the new game, which will be released on Steam on 15th August 2013.

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