FIFA Ultimate Team Can Be Carried Forward to Next Generation

 FIFA 14 launches on September 27th on most platforms however the next generation of console won’t be out for a few months, and EA will be releasing FIFA 14 onto these systems. This had some worried that their Ultimate Team data would not be accessible on the next generation systems. In response EA have announced this won’t be true.

Data from the Ultimate Team will carry over, more precisely the data carried over will be “their FIFA 14 Ultimate Team full roster, in-game items and in-game currency (coins)”. Players will also maintain their current division in Seasons mode and will be offered “a one-time choice to transfer their FIFA Points”.

EA also added, “All changes made in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be reflected in both consoles so fans will be able to compete with their squads on either console throughout the season.”

EA Sports senior VP and group GM, Matt Bilbey, stated:

“Our fans invest an enormous amount of time and energy into FIFA Ultimate Team as they craft their own unique squads, and recognizing that investment is absolutely essential, We will ensure that no time will be wasted and fans will get full value for the investment they make from the start of the season on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to their move to their new console.”

Are you a FIFA enthusiast? If so what do you think about this new update from EA trying to help you maintain you data? Let us know in the comments.