Rockstar May Still Be Making Agent After Trademark Is Renewed

Rockstar Games are generally pretty good at making sure we are well aware of their next big game, but since it’s announcement in 2007 not much has been heard about Agent. Thankfully however, there is a glimmer of hope for those who want to play Rockstar North’s Cold War creation.

A filing renewing the trademark for the game has been discovered having been submitted July 18. Two separate ones have been found, one for the game and the other for a variety of multimedia material such as guides and manuals. This was noticed by the eagle-eyes at Siliconera.

Not much is truly known of the game, except being set in the Cold War and being an espionage based romp. Rockstar have remained tight-lipped, even by their own standards, to the point were many people are confused whether the game is even being made anymore. While originally a PS3 exclusive, it is possible the game is now being developed for next-gen consoles.

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