Tons of New Pokemon and Gym Leaders in the New Pokemon X and Y Rumours

Credit to the guys at PokeJungle who complied all these new Pokemon X and Y rumours into a nice list!


  • There are supposedly going to be 130 new Pokémon
  • Chespin @Lv.18 ➔ Shinnut @Lv.36 ➔ Chinken (Grass/Dark) – Chespin supposedly becomes more armoured with lengthened spikes, and becomes Defense orientated
  • Fennekin @Lv.18 ➔ Kinduples @Lv.36 ➔ Feuensis (Fire/Psychic) – Fennekin becomes bigger and has a necklace like thing of will-o’-wisps
  • Froakie @Lv.18 ➔ Ribburai @Lv.36 ➔ Crokssin (Water/Fighting) – Froakie remains slim and becomes like a ninja, it is a very fast Pokémon
  • Litleo @Lv. 15 ➔ Blazic (Fire/Poison) @Lv. 32 ➔ Mantiroar (Fire/Poison)
  • Helioptile @Lv. 35 ➔ Solaragon (Electric/Dragon)
  • Screeclaw @Lv.30 ➔ Whyrill @Lv.45 ➔ Noivern
  • Fletchling @Lv.14 ➔ Talonflame @Lv.30 ➔ Scorchawk
  • Swirlix @Moon Stone ➔ Candilix (Fairy)
  • Spritzee @Moon Stone ➔ Apothingo (Fairy/Flying)
  • Clauncher @Lv.28 ➔ Cannoclaw (Water/Electric)
  • Skrelp @Lv.28 ➔ Weeslep
  • There are supposedly 7 legendary Pokémon: Xerneas, Yveltal, a third cover Pokémon that looks like a snake with Poison/Rock typing, a Fairy-type trio based on spirits of natures (Fire/Fairy, Water/Fairy and Ground/Fairy), and a final odd-looking Pokémon. No details on event Pokémon
  • A minotaur with Fairy/Fighting typing with an incredible Attack stat, it is a psuedo-legendary.
  • A three stage dolphin line with Water/Psychic typing
  • A fire ant line that consists of three Pokémon, Bug/Fire
  • Another three stage line with Dark typing based on jaguars
  • Electric/Dark Cheetah
  • Honedge is a standalone Pokémon
  • A nymph Pokémon
  • Mawile, Sableye, Farfetch’d, Dunsparce and Qwilfish all receive evolutions
  • Miltank, Taurus, Throh, Sawk and Audino all receive prevolutions
  • Mewtwo has two forms
  • Eevee receives a Poison-type evolution known as Toxeon
  • Orot is Grass/Ghost type
  • Mawile, Clefairy, Milotic, Mincinno gain fairy (Pikachu will not become a Fairy)

And that’s just the supposed new Pokemon! More information concerning various locations and gym leaders also has also come up:

  • The first route in the game is home to Fletchling and a currently unannounced rodent Pokémon, which is said to live underground and evolves into a Normal/Ground Pokémon
  • Santalune Forest is where Spewpa, Scatterbug and Pancham are found
  • Your journey across Kalos begins by visiting Lumiose City, travelling west towards the coast, looping back round missing the desert, returning to Lumiose City over to the west
  • Team Flare’s hideout is said to be the desert
  • The Pokémon League is the castle near Vaniville Town
  • There is an area of Kalos that is not accessible until the post-game
  • The Gym Leaders of Kalos are claimed to be: Viola (Bug), Danica (Fairy), Clemont (Electric), Grant (Rock), Jet (Flying), Petunia (Grass), Blaise (Fire) and Lilith (Dark)
  • Kalos Elite Four is supposedly: Elizabeth (Bug), Charles (Psychic), Louis (Ground) and Isabella (Ice). Each based on royalty
  • The Champion (Mixed Types) is stated to be Professor Sycamore
  • Fairy is super effective against Dragon, Dark and Fighting. It is weak to Steel, Ice and Poison
  • Team Flare are said to want money and are willing to take advantage of Pokémon to gain it. There are multiple sources of energy in Kalos and Team Flare are said to be manipulating them to make more money, a process which involves Pokémon
  • Fairy Wind has a base power of 60 and has the same effects as Ancient Power, Silver Wind and Ominous Wind
  • Utter Darkness is a Dark-type version of Earthquake
  • There will be an ability which negates the effects of Spikes and Stealth Rock

Phew! Lots of new rumours from PokeJungle indeed, but will they be true or not? In 83 days we will find out!

Which of these Pokemon X and Y rumours would you like to see come true? I would LOVE Chespin to become Grass/Dark! Let us know what you would like to see in the comments below!