Steam Summer Sale Spotlight – Encore Day


 The Encore Day is upon is, this means that Steam have brought back some of the most popular deals for you to be able to snag again.

Dishonored at the moment on Steam is 66% off only costing £5.09. Being one of the best games of 2012 you play as Corvo, a masked assassin which uses a variety of different weapons and powers to take back the city of Dunwall.


Tomb Raider another great game but this time from this year. You play the Lara Croft before she came who we all know her today. Struggle but surivie the harsh enviroment on a forgotten island and shape Lara to the Croft we all know. At 75% off you will get this great game at £7.49.

Daily Sales

Skyrim: Legendary Edition 


 The Walking Dead

Torchlight 2

 40% off – £17.9975% off – £4.74  75% off – £ 5.2475% off – 3.74 

Civilization V

Borderlands 2

Bioshock Infinite


75% off – £4.9966% off – £6.7950% off – £17.4940% off – £10.79

Flash Sales

 Dead Island: Riptide

 Fallout: New Vegas

The Cave 


 50% off – £17.49 75% off – £3.7466% off – £4.07 75% off – £4.99 

The Community Choice that won last was Dragon’s Lair and is 50% off at £3.49

If you have bought any games during the Steam Summer Sale savings then let us know what games you have got so far in the comments below. Also let us know if you managed to collected all the trading cards!