Shadowrun Returns Launch Trailer Welcomes You To The Awakened World

Shadowrun has been around since 1989, probably a fair bit longer than most non pen-and-paper RPG fans assumed. In that time it has had a couple successful video games, but they were thought dead after 2007’s travesty of an adaption that replaced the cyber-punk charm with a haphazard FPS.

Kickstarter, as it now has a habit of doing now, swooped into the rescue, bringing it back from the dead. Now we are but days away from Shadowrun Returns coming to Windows and OS X.

Harebrained Schemes have done their best to give gamers a true Shadowrun experience, and it seems to have paid off. Tailored to both blood-thirsty characters and those who prefer to talk, Shadowrun so far seems to be a well thought-out iteration to the ongoing RPG franchise.

Shadowrun Returns is out on Windows and Mac OS X July 25th world wide.

What do you think? Have you played any of the Shadowrun games, virtual or physical? Will this be your first time experiencing this cyber-punk world? Let us know in the comments.