Ace Combat Infinity Announced Through Teaser Trailer

Teaser trailers are a hard thing to get right. You want to give enough to entice a viewer while also not giving much away. The final reaction should be “What, I want more” instead of “oh, that it?”. The new Ace Combat game, dubbed Ace Combat Infinity only just scrapes it across to the good side of that scale.

Ending the short 46 sec run-time with a shot of a jet banking over a massive crater in a city accompanied with a girls giggle, Project Aces are playing this very close to their chest for the moment. Oh, except that it will be a PS3 exclusive. An Ace Combat game hasn’t been a Sony exclusive since 2006.

While very little else has been said, Ace Combat: Infinity will launch on PSN September 25th this year.

What do you think? Have you enjoyed the long running console flight game? Want it to come to 360 too? Let us know in the comments.