Retrospective Video For The Walking Dead On PS Vita

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead is almost universally loved. Lauded for its emotional drive and touching characters it would make sense for Telltale to get it to as many gamers as possible. Good thing the PS Vita is getting it then.

This video offers a look back at the games success and what features the PS Vita version will provide when it comes out this August. Is the game suited for the PS Vita though?

Even though the game comes in relatively short episodes, is it really an “on-the-go” experience? Trying to fit in a quick chat with Kenny on the bus to work isn’t exactly the best way to play the game. How well it works out remains to be seen.

This is ahead of A Walking Dead panel at Comic-con which will hopefully provide a sneak-peak at the next season.

What do you think? Looking forward to buying the game on the Vita? Feel it even suits the console? Let us know in the comments.