American McGee is Doing an AMA on Reddit Right Now

 In American McGee’s own words:

“Games like DOOM and Quake are where I got my start. Been known to make trouble (not always intentional) at/with Electronic Arts. Been living in China for the last 9+ years – and I run one of the largest indie development studio in Shanghai. These days I’m running a Kickstarter campaign to acquire the film rights to the Alice franchise. If I succeed, it would be a huge coup – and I’m hoping you might help me do it!
Aside from all that, in my spare time I build electric scooters, play cello, sail, weld, cook, learn Chinese, tinker with robotics and electronics. For example, my current side project is a Rasberry-Pi set up to track my dog’s position and drive a servo gimbal with laser pointer (robotic laser toy!). Just so you know I’m not all about games ;)”

Fancy asking him a question? Then head over to Reddit right now!

Make sure to let us know what you ask and what American replies with!