Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online 0.12.0 Update

Ubisoft recently announced the launch of the 0.12.0 update for their free-to-play PC shooter, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online. This latest update brings a host of new content such as a huge new map, some gameplay and cosmetic improvements, as well as weapons, armour and avatars in a new Phantom theme pack.

A faceless terror and new nemesis for the Ghosts of Ghost Recon Online, the Phantoms are mysterious and deadly. We’re just hoping their nothing like the Phantoms in Mass Effect 3, with ninja skills and samurai swords…actually scratch that, that’s exactly what we’re hoping for. You can check out the Phantoms as well as see the new map in this new trailer:

The new map is called Xinyi District and is set in Taiwan. Inspired by the famous tech corridor of the same name. The Developers are keen to let gamers know that they are listening to their feedback and as such the new map will incorporate a five-point capture system, where teams will need to take and hold a linear series of five capture zones to win the game.

Xinyi District is the first of a new generation of maps which will use the new “Monster” lighting system. Because of this and other changes, Ghost Recon Online can offer improved graphic quality, more realistic lighting, more balanced gameplay and high-resolution shadow effects without significantly increasing the computing cost. Additional lighting improvements for all exsisting maps are also in the works.

According to Ubisoft: “Fine tuning, device enhancements and tactical movement changes are just a few of the latest gameplay improvements coming in 0.12.0.” Players will also be able to enjoy a new array of cosmetic upgrades including realistic shell ejection and AR displays.

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