Metro: Last Light Faction Pack DLC Released

Deep Silver have today announced that the Faction Pack DLC for Metro Last Light is now available for download via Steam and Xbox Live. The DLC will also be available on the PlayStation Network from today in North America and tomorrow for the rest of the world.

The Faction Pack includes three brand new single player missions which cast the player as different characters in the warring factions of Metro Last Light. The Faction Pack’s missions will return the player to some classic locations from Metro 2033 as well as introduce new weapons and bring back an old enemy, the Mutant. Each of the three missions will offer distinct gameplay challenges to the player as they must play to their character’s strengths:

  • Mission 1 sees the player as a Special Detachment Sniper of the Red Line who must infiltrate a heavily guarded Reich outpost under cover of darkness during a radioactive storm.
  • Mission 2 drops the player into the thick of the fight as they must defend the Frontline as a Reich ‘Heavy’, the biggest, baddest guy in town who is armed to the teeth with the most devastating weapons in the Metro universe.
  • Finally Mission 3 places the player in the boots of a Polis Ranger in training who is tasked with exploring a vast Library complex for artefacts and relics. Salvage can be exchanged for ammunition, filters and hazard suits allowing ever deeper exploration into the Library, but beware as it is easy to get lost in the labyrinthine complex. You’re advised to light torches and leave a trail of light so you can find your way home before your precious oxygen runs out…

The idea behind this DLC pack is very intriguing, giving players a new challenge rather than just more of the same gameplay they experienced in the main game. The Faction Pack DLC is currently available for £3.99 on Steam and 400 MS points on Xbox Live.

Are you going to pick up the Faction Pack? Let us know in the comments below.