According to Sony There Has Been No Negative Feedback On Dualshock 4

In a recent interview, Mark Cerny, the mind behind the PlayStation 4, revealed that he and his team have no negative feedback concerning the Dualshock 4 controller.

“The controller was a very, very broad collaboration that went out to the game teams and even some of the third-party teams. We looked at everything we could put into the controller and solicited feedback from the teams on what we should include.”

Cerny went on to mention that FPS titles were important during the production and that they approached “key teams” that make FPS games to ask for their feedback.

“We went to key teams who make the best of the best and we got their specific feedback on trigger springiness, concavity or convexity of joysticks and deadzones, and tuned the controller through a succession of prototypes to what it is today. The result is we showed at E3 and I did not hear – and it’s a tough audience – I did not hear any negative feedback about the controller.”

After handling the Dualshock 4 myself I can say that it is a very nice controller to play with and deserves the praise it is getting. I just hope the focus on FPS games doesn’t affect it in the future…

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